Hasty Snow VR game

We started developing Hasty Snow, a snowball vr game with various snow guns and catapults. The game involves you in winter combat throwing snowballs for melee and shooting the gun for ranged attack. You should strike your enemie's snow fortress and defend your own. We want to make a funny game on the background of fantastic ice world, filled with ornament and carving. The gameplay is based entirely on your real movements. In Hasty Snow you will need to load the gun and catapult by your hand, throw snowballs very quickly and dodge the snowballs flying at you. You will be able to choose your character and attack a group of enemies who have taken refuge in the fortress and repel the attack of those who are approaching you. In the game we will see ourselves entirely with the full VR body.

Release on Steam in 2020. Vive and Oculus

Demo available on Steam - summer 2019.


Any questions about demo